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The Sponsors Hub is a platform created to support Americans as they welcome Ukrainian newcomers under the "United 4 Ukraine" program. This important resource and assistant hub was launched in partnership with Welcome.US by a Ukrainian American House, Parasolka, and Alight joint team.

Right now, sponsorship is the most impactful way Americans can help welcome Ukrainian families fleeing the war, but it can be complex. That's why it's essential to ensure that sponsors have access to all needed information and receive assistance during the process.

A Sponsor Hub is a coalition of community-based organizations working together to recruit new sponsors, centralize access to social services, and build mutual support among sponsors.

The Sacramento metro area has received some of the highest numbers of Ukrainian newcomers in the country. Our goal is to strengthen Sacramento’s local infrastructure to support potential and current sponsors willing to host Ukrainians under the Uniting for Ukraine program.

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Our Team


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Lika Roiko

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